10 Best Things to Do in Glenwood Springs this Fall


Disclaimer: Please travel only if you feel safe doing so. This is not meant to be taken as health or travel advice involving Covid-19. Please follow all relevant rules and regulations in the areas you visit, if you choose to do so, and follow all proper health procedures.

If you’re in search of a fall vacation that also encourages social distancing, look no further than the charming mountain town of Glenwood Springs.

This tiny city sits alongside the Colorado River and is home to numerous hotels, restaurants, and natural hot springs. 

Many come to Glenwood during the summer to enjoy rafting, and others for the ski season. But the locals know the very best time of year to visit is fall. Much lighter crowds, warm enough for hiking, and cool enough to enjoy the hot springs in the evening make this the perfect season to see the Western Slope. Here’s an insider’s scoop on the ten best things to do in this town.

  1. Hotel Colorado 

Visit for the history, stay for the ambiance. Their site states that this building is over 100 years old. It’s also potentially haunted, and perfect for fall. It’s in a prime location in town, directly across from the world’s largest natural hot springs. Its rooms are beautifully decorated, with a historical vibe. The hallways boast photos and memorabilia from famous individuals and presidents that have graced the building. (There’s even a Roosevelt room.)

A charming courtyard, on-site coffee shop, and an excellent restaurant make this one of the town’s best locations. Many locals also frequent the hotel, sit in the lobby, and read by the fireplace.

     2. Glenwood Hot Springs

There’s no way to write about Glenwood and leave out its most famous attraction. These hot springs have two massive pools with different temperatures. The water’s minerals are said to be healing. They’ve also recently added a kiddie pool and fountain.

If all this wasn’t enough, the hot springs also have their own athletic club, and spa. Book a massage, chill by the pools, and then take a workout class, all in one place.

     3. Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Yes, there are multiple hot springs locations just a few miles from one another. Iron Mountain attracts a different crowd than the Glenwood Hot Springs. 

This location features multiple pools of various temperatures, including an infinity pool that looks over the Colorado River’s edge. Gorgeous in autumn, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

     4. Sweet Coloradough

You can’t visit Glenwood without stopping by this donut shop. They make unique creations with incredible flavors. A famous favorite and they also have lunch items. If you’re only going to visit one bakery spot, make it this one.

     5. Deja Brew 

Okay, so there are two breakfast places you have to visit. Deja Brew makes some of the best coffee in town and is a local haunt. Try their pumpkin spice latte if you’re feeling especially autumnal.

     6. River’s Restaurant

To get the ultimate Coloradan dinner experience, check out this spot. The food is excellent, local bands play, and they have a patio that overhangs the river. Consider this THE spot to hang out for a weekend meal.

     7. Highway 82

Take a drive down this scenic road to see the leaves changing. Late September into early October is usually the best time of year for fall foliage, and this highway captures the best of it.

     8. The Italian Underground Restaurant

If you’re craving pasta and want a unique experience, look no further. Checkered tablecloths and delicious sorbets served with each meal make this underground dining establishment a must. This crazy popular spot famously does not take reservations, so be there early. 

     9. Doc Holliday’s Grave

This is a short hike that starts in the middle of downtown Glenwood. If you want to enjoy the season by savoring the last bits of sunshine, check this place out. 

Their website talks of a trail that is not quite a mile long and features the infamous historical character, Doc Holliday.

     10. Explore downtown Glenwood Springs

There’s so much to see in this tiny town that can’t possibly fit into one article. Along Grand Avenue, you’ll find numerous shops, local haunts, and places to eat. 

Take a walk across the massive footbridge towards the train station. Check out Hotel Denver, and its nearby coffee shop, River Blend Coffee House.

There are many stores to buy souvenirs, dessert, and warm clothing if the extreme Colorado weather catches you off guard.

Don’t miss this charming small town that is exactly what we all need in the autumn of 2020.

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