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7 Easy Changes for a Healthier You

Struggling to stick to a healthy lifestyle? Here’s 7 easy changes for a healthier you.

With thousands of diets and exercise routines to choose from, does being “healthier” seem too complicated? Do you cut out sugar for weeks only to eat 3 chocolate cupcakes in two hours after week 3? Not that I did that…

If you too start out with great intentions and then quit due to the stress of perfection, these 7 easy changes for a healthier you can help. Let’s be a little bit better each day, and work towards a goal of overall good health. I hope you find this inspiring!

Drink Black Coffee with Cinnamon

This one takes some serious getting used to if you love your morning latte, but as a recovering fancy coffee addict, I can tell you it’s possible. I now drink my coffee black and/or with cinnamon about 75% of the time. If you strive for a low sugar lifestyle, this will help you not to waste your daily sugar intake on a drink first thing in the morning. If you need a latte but don’t want the sugar, this can easily be done with foamed milk and cinnamon on top. Its fancier, but still healthy. Plus, you can save a lot of money this way. And when you do splurge for the occasional coffee out, it’ll be super special and you’ll really enjoy it.

Fruit After Dinner Instead of Dessert

If you like to watch some TV in the evening, and tend to snack while catching up on episodes, this can help! Try grapefruit – it takes forever to eat, due to having to peel it first. Its a good way to build a habit. Or pick something like an orange, or even a bowl of mixed berries to snack on. This will keep you occupied for most of a TV episode, and you’ll feel awesome about your food choices.

Lunch Prep

You’ll feel about 1000 times better during the week if you know that your lunch is packed full of protein, veggies and healthy fats each day. Lunch is very important for energy levels and how you feel for the rest of the afternoon, so opt for shredded chicken and veggies, salad, or some type of soup. And it doesn’t have to take more than an hour. All you have to do is sauté some meat and chop up some broccoli, 45 minutes in the oven, then use glass containers to store meal sized portions. Easy!

There are also numerous options for ready to cook meals delivered to your home. Sites like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron can make meal prep even easier.

Multi-Task with Exercise

Want to exercise more, but feel like there’s no time? This is fixable. Just work it into your current routine. What do you do on any given day? Go to work, come home, make dinner, do laundry, watch your favorite show? Simply slip on some sweatpants and do a cardio dance workout while making food. Those twenty minutes you have before the clothes come out of the dryer? Squats and push ups take ten, stretching takes five, and you still have time to drink a ton of water.

Working out is extremely important. If your usual routine doesn’t include exercise at all, then any time spent on fitness helps. You have the time. You just have to find it and use it to your advantage.

Stretch Five Times a Day

Yes, five. Find a few extra minutes during your day to be intentional about stretching. When you first wake up in the morning, halfway through your workday, a little yoga before falling asleep; this can all go a long way.

Audiobooks or Uplifting Podcasts During Downtime

Everyone has those wasted moments, like that long commute home from work or the last ten minutes of your lunch break. Why not fill your mind with positivity during those times? Audio books and podcasts really can make you feel more creative, upbeat, and inquisitive about the world. I often use Overdrive to borrow books for free from the library. No cost, tons of free learning.


Plants are fantastic for many reasons, but says they can do a lot for your mental health (Shawna Davis, . Remembering to water them each day creates a nice routine and spending a little time to find the right fertilizer and water amount can be a fun process. It’s a way to get outdoors, get fresh air and sunshine, and appreciate this beautiful world. If you prefer indoor plants, this can make a nice home atmosphere.

I hope that these 7 easy changes for a healthier you encourage you to be your best. It’s about trying, not getting everything perfect. Here’s to healthier days, weeks, months and years ahead!

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