9 Movies and Shows for Major Fall Vibes


Are you ready for all things October? This is the month of scary (or just fun) Halloween TV. To celebrate the season, and make this fall your best one yet, check out some of the titles below.

Little Women

You could watch the new one or the older film, though I associate the Winona Ryder version with fall a little more. This story tracks four women’s lives, the March sisters, as they grow up, fall in love, and discover their purposes.

These movies speak of autumn through the beautifully composed soundtracks. They have such a cozy, stay in kind of feeling. There’s also something about the story’s slow pace as it follows the four sisters through their lives that weaves easily into the season.

It’s a return to the simple and meaningful. Play this in the background to capture all those warm fuzzies.

The Holiday

This movie is more often thought of as a Christmas story. But I think it has some definitive fall vibes.

Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet star as two women who switch homes and lives, crossing continents while attempting to figure out where they belong. Along the way, they make some memories, meet interesting people, and discover who they truly are.

Though the story is set in December, the music is slow and melodic. The plot develops slowly, making this a cozy holiday treat.


All Tim Curry fans rejoice. This comedy/mystery takes a turn for the worst quickly with an all-star cast, resulting in hilarious mix-ups and confusion.

The guests at a mansion are stranded for the night. They try to uncover the plot that threatens to frame them all—mayhem swirls in this spooky movie that will leave you ready for Halloween.

Hocus pocus

Do I need to say more? The perfect film for Halloween night, starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as the Sanderson sisters, resurrected for one night only on Halloween.

If you’re a millennial who gets nostalgic over 90’s films, this is perfect. It’s funny, heartwarming, and has ideal fall ambiance.

Nightmare before Christmas

Obviously, a Tim Burton movie has to be included. He basically invented spooky cartoon movies, right? I’ve loved this movie for- well, always.

Jack Skellington searches for answers to his Halloween boredom by hijacking Christmas instead. Plus, fun songs! “Kidnap the sandy claws, la la la la la!”

Hotel Transylvania

This is a cute family-friendly story with great voice actors. Haunted hotels, vampires, and humans make up this adorable film about monsters. I like how it’s simple and fun the whole way through—the perfect background movie.


Yes, Disney, you’ve done it again. Another Halloween-esque movie for the ages. Although this one isn’t actually about Halloween, but Dia de los Muertos.

This film is about a boy, Miguel, caught between two worlds. The colorful backgrounds, beautiful scenes, and fantastic music make a huge impression. Plus, it presents Mexico’s culture in a way that hasn’t been told often enough through cinema.

Legally Blonde

I know this may not immediately come to mind as an autumn film, but think about it: east coast, back to college in September, textbooks and cold weather – this is a fall movie! Plus, Reese Witherspoon is impressive as always. Again with the 90’s vibes.

Stranger things

This is a Netflix original that should be fairly obvious as a spooky show. Monsters, alternate dimensions, disappearances, is there anything it doesn’t have by way of Halloween vibes? Plus, it’s a series, so endless entertainment this autumn.

Hope this post helps you welcome fall and enjoy the season!

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