Best YouTube Creators for Finance and Business


Most entrepreneurs and those obsessed with productivity are always looking for new information. Whether you need budget ideas, advice on goal setting, or how-to guides for side hustles, YouTube has some great advice.

Research is king, and I’m always looking for the next exciting channel focusing on money or business ownership. This post is a roundup of some of the best YouTube creators for finance and business. These are all channels I follow and learn from, by the way. Follow the links in the blog to view them.

One Big Happy Life – These two are goal setter, go-getter people who help others with finances and lifestyle. Watch them if you’re interested in organization, time management, and making money.
They both have/had careers in law, and their advice is backed by tons of study and expertise. Plus, they’re just ridiculously inspiring. I love how they’re so open about their journey, and make it very easy to relate to them.

Kimberly Ann Jimenez – I just started watching these videos more the other day, and wow, did she earn a spot on this list of best YouTube creators. If you’re an entrepreneur who is lost in the first stages of your business or wondering how to go from thousands to millions of dollars working online, this is the place.

She’s highly skilled, knowledgeable, and runs her own company. I can’t tell you how much her videos have helped me to see where to focus my time, and have the clarity to figure out the next step for the blog.

Graham Stephan – This guy is a self-made millionaire who focuses mostly on real estate. I find him inspiring because he’s a millennial who hustles and is winning with finance and business. A real testament to the things that can happen when you decide to live life on your terms instead of slaving away at a 9-5. He will make you think differently, and he also has a second channel where he takes calls about finances. Check it out here: The Graham Stephan Show.

Allison Lindstrom – blogger extraordinaire and all-around awesome content creator; she is super helpful for newbie bloggers. She gives solid advice, and you can trust it because she’s been there. She talks about how to make money blogging, writing, and more.

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Two Cents – This couple is super informative on all things money-related. Their approach is relatively conservative regarding debt, saving, and spending, but they really know their stuff.
I think my favorite thing is the wide variety of money topics they cover. Great videos!

The Financial Diet – Fantastic channel. The main host of the show, Chelsea, understands how to run a company and manage finances, and she consistently brings people onto the channel with varied opinions and levels of expertise. TFD also has shorter videos covering topics like career, investing, and even personality types. Very interesting and a great female entrepreneur perspective.

Hey Jessica – I’ve learned some great tips from Jessica about blogging. Good money-making ideas and she also offers a ton of advice about starting a YouTube channel. I’ve focused more on videos about email lists and marketing, but there are many topics. She’s been a business owner for a while and has a lot of knowledge to share.

Adam Erhart – great thoughts on digital marketing. I haven’t been watching this channel for as long as some of the others, but I’ve found his advice helpful. He talks a lot about selling and marketing your business, which is great when you’re new and need to learn the ropes.

Chris Hogan – I love hearing from this guy because he is so encouraging and positive. His show is more of a podcast style, and he talks mostly about retirement and investing. Chris Hogan knows how to coach people and regularly takes calls on his show from individuals trying to save for their futures.

This host has a fun personality and shares tons of valuable information that’s backed by research. (He, like me, believes in the power of researching extensively.) Seriously great thoughts, especially if you’re just starting to get your finances in order and are confused about where to begin.

As a final thought: I watch these channels, but obviously, their opinions differ from my own at times. It’s important to always look into things for yourself when making business and financial decisions. I have found all of these people to be helpful, knowledgeable, and entertaining.

This list is also meant to be a conversation starter: who do you watch on YouTube, and what have you learned? Let me know! If you’re ready to read more about personal finance or entrepreneurship, I highly recommend checking out my posts on budgeting and starting a business. Have fun watching the videos from this list of best YouTube creators!

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