Cook Twice a Week – How to Save Time and Eat Healthy


Do you often feel that you spend hours upon hours in the kitchen? Cooking, cleaning up after meals, and planning out dinners can be time-consuming. If you’re like most of us, eating healthy is a priority, but it’d be nice not to take away hours that could be spent with family or working on your side hustle. This super-easy guide will show you how to cook twice a week, and yet have a fantastic dinner each night, and meal prep lunches! Read on for instructions and lists.

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1.     Plan out your week. Pinterest and Google are full of fast and healthy recipes for busy people. Take note of several of your favorites to get started. You’ll need six meals in total. 

2.     Grocery shop. Either order groceries or stop by the store to pick up all ingredients needed. It’s best to pick recipes that keep the ingredient list small.

3.     Pick two days to prep. Ideally, pick a day at the start of your week, and then right before the weekend. I like to prep on Mondays because it’s the beginning of the week and I’m off work that day. For your second day, Thursdays or Fridays usually work well.

4.     Meal prep. Set aside two hours, get a movie or some music going, and get organized. Cook any meats and store them in the fridge. Saute veggies and wash fruit, so it’s ready to go, and store that, too. On each prep day, you’ll be making three meals, and cooking double portions for each. Then you’ll eat a meal for dinner, and eat the leftovers for lunch the next day.

5.     Repeat on an alternate day. Same thing, but with your other three meals. 

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You may be thinking, “wait, there are only six meals, why not seven?” Because I like to take into account that most people will have at least one night a week when they eat out or just snack or have leftovers. That’s how it usually goes in my house. You can, of course, add a seventh meal to the plan if you want to do things differently.

Since it’s usually best to start with some ideas already, here are some suggestions with links to help you cook twice a week:

  • Chicken and rice. Simple, filling and healthy. Protein packed and sure to be a crowd pleaser.
  • Chopped salad. Can’t go wrong with eating more greens! This meal is easy and delicious.
  • · Pulled pork.  Very good and definitely a favorite. This is a great dinner for your first week.
  • · Salmon. Something different, but still tasty. And it’s simpler than you’d think!
  • · Veggie bake. For those that prefer less meat and more vegetables in their dinners.
  • ·Roasted potatoes.  A classic that won’t steer you wrong.

There are so many recipes available out there; you could probably rotate them indefinitely. These suggestions will get you started. I like to take a recipe that I find and then put my own spin on it, leaving out or adding ingredients based on preference.

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Efficiency is pretty essential for most busy families, after all. And hey, with all the time you’re saving by not cooking every night, you’ll probably be able to try new hobbies or focus on growing your side-hustle. 

Whatever you do with your extra free time, it’s always good to know that you have a week of healthy meals planned, plus you only have to cook twice a week. May it leave you more hours to be creative, spend time with family, and enjoy life!

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