How to Get Clients to Book Your Venue


Your venue is outstanding. Unique. And you want potential clients to see what you see. Here’s how to get people to book with you.

Get the Word Out – using the Written Word

The very first thing you need to do for your business is to establish an online presence. When people search for a venue, they need more than just a website. They want to know about the staff, particular features of the location, and exciting stories. A blog accomplishes all of this. Blogging can make your business an authority on the topics you discuss.

A great copywriter can bring you more clients by making your business come alive. They’ll weave together great success stories, fun ideas and bring personality to your site. Hiring a great writer is the very first step towards your venue’s success.

Highlight Unique Features

It’s time to show off! When you’re giving a tour or emailing the client, talk about the stuff that makes your place different. Try to focus on what makes you a better choice than others. Sure, any venue has a great view and pleasant ambiance, but they don’t all have that waterfall and garden outside, the fantastic restaurant, or the amazing service. What your business does better are the things that can take a lead from “maybe” to “absolutely.”

Offer Something of Value – Free

Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be expensive. It just needs to be a little something extra that shows the client that you care.

Some ideas include a small gift bag, a bottle of wine, or a card saying thank you for meeting with you. What you’re doing in this situation is helping potential buyers understand that they aren’t just a number to you. They matter, and so does their event.

Tell Them What’s Included

Highlight any vendors that you work with exclusively. Most clients will be looking for the most cost-efficient and simple way to plan their event, and your preferred partners can help. As an extra tip, pay attention to what leads are saying. Do they want a particular caterer or DJ? Reach out to other businesses to collaborate, if possible. It is sure to get you noticed by clients.

In addition to this, discuss what services you offer at your venue. Do you have an event planner? A chef? Beautiful decorations that your staff will set up? Anything extra can put you over the top and help you win their business.

Show Off the Location

Most people planning an event will have many guests attending, and they’ll need to keep them entertained. Your venue isn’t the only great thing. There’s bound to be exciting activities in the town or city you’re located in. Be sure to keep brochures on hand, and talk up the town.

Also, why not discuss activities your venue can help coordinate? Can you get them a shuttle for a wine tasting, or plan lunch on the patio for guests only? Think of extra things that you can give to help this day go smoothly for them.

That’s it!

Remember what makes your venue unique, listen to your potential customers, and do more than is expected. These easy steps can wow clients and gain their business not just once, but again and again.

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  1. Great advice, especially the “Get the Word Out” section.

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