How to Reset Your Home (and Life) in 1 Day


Have friends or family visit? Get your house cleaned quickly with this 1-day schedule and still have time to relax.

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Home Reset

Ever played a game like Monopoly or Chess where you need to reset the board before playing another round? Or maybe you’re wondering why anyone would play either of those games more than once. The point is, sometimes you may need to reset your home, too. You want to walk into your living room and feel at ease, not overwhelmed. Below you’ll find a list of suggestions that can help you to get your home tidy fast.

The List:

Break up these tasks any way you like. It can all be done on your own if you have most of the day, but it can go quicker if you get your family to help out. This list is pretty detailed and designed for times when your home needs a total cleaning overhaul. If you need to make the house look nice fast, check out my post, the fastest way to clean your house for guests.

  • Make coffee and turn on music or movie for background noise.
  • Laundry load 1.
  • Light a candle and open windows.
  • Gather dishes and leftovers.
  • Put all items in the correct rooms, in their places.
  • Laundry load 2.
  • Do the dishes.
  • Wipe counters and tables.
  • Dust.
  • Vacuum.
  • Laundry load 3.
  • Clean bathrooms.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Laundry load 4.
  • Mop.
  • Put away all laundry.
  • Get groceries delivered to the house.
  • Make bread using leftover apples or bananas.
  • Plan out your week.
  • Prep lunches.
  • Plan out outfits for the week.
  • Take time to breathe.
  1. Make coffee and turn on music or movie for background noise.

I like to do this first to start the day off right. Since cleaning isn’t most people’s favorite activity, it can help to lighten the mood. Or if you do enjoy cleaning (like I do), then this is more of an exciting way to get started. I tend to pick movies that I’ve watched a lot, so I don’t have to pay close attention, or sometimes ambient music is nice.

2. Laundry Load 1.

It’s good to start the laundry right away because it will take the longest of all the chores. This way, there’s time to get several loads done. You’ll probably have a couple of loads of bedding to do if your guests were visiting overnight, and more than likely a load each of towels and clothes you haven’t gotten around to washing yet.

3. Light a Candle and Open Windows.

Fresh. Air. After anyone visits for more than a day or two, the house can get stuffy. So open up those windows and let in a breeze from the great outdoors. There’s a fantastic candle from Magnolia’s Hearth and Hand that I’m loving right now: find it here.

4. Gather Dishes and Leftovers.

Check every room for empty glasses, bowls, and plates. Hopefully, everyone was having so much fun that they didn’t even think about washing them. Quickly scoop them all up and put them in the sink for later. Start soaking any pots or pans now that might need some time. While you’re at it, check the fridge for any expired leftovers and get rid of them. There’s nothing like opening the refrigerator a couple weeks later and finding something unidentifiable on the bottom shelf.

5. Put all items in correct rooms and places.

Do yourself a favor and put each item back – where it goes – the first time. It makes cleaning up faster than just putting everything in the right rooms and going back into said rooms to tidy later.

6. Laundry Load 2.

Time to get the second laundry load in the washer, and throw the first in the dryer.

7. Do the Dishes.

Load the dishwasher, or wash and dry, so the dishes aren’t cluttering your kitchen counters later. Remember to clean the sink when finished. You can simply use soap for this, although you may want to use a more robust cleaning solution, depending on how dirty those dishes were!

8. Wipe Counters and Tables.

You can use wipes or a cleaning spray and a damp rag. Your counters should already be clear from the earlier steps, but if not, finish putting things away first. Then scrub them until they shine.

9. Dust.

Dust all surfaces, picture frames, shelves, and window ledges. You can use a dry duster for this, or a cleaning rag, depending on what you’re dusting. I usually use a duster for everything, but sometimes a damp cloth works well for window sills and baseboards.

10. Vacuum.

Vacuum all rooms with carpet, and sweep any areas with hardwood or tile, like kitchen floors and laundry rooms. If you have one of those awesome vacuums that work on hard surfaces and carpets, this part is even easier.

11. Laundry Load 3.

Don’t forget to fold and put away the first load from the dryer. Now you finally start to see some progress!

12. Clean Bathrooms.

Counters, mirrors, and faucets, and don’t forget the tub and toilet. You should also sweep or run toilet paper over the floor to catch dust. When you finish everything else, mop the floor or use cleaning wipes.

13. Take out Trash.

It’s usually best to grab the kitchen trash and dump the bathroom and room trashes into it. I say this because often, the kitchen trash is the largest. Don’t forget to recycle.

14. Laundry Load 4.

The final laundry load! Happy dance music.

15. Mop.

The bathrooms should already be done, but mop all the other rooms. Start at one end of the house and work to the other side, so you don’t get footprints anywhere. Make sure to use a good smelling cleaning spray, or if using water, add a bit of cleaner to it that’s safe for your floors.

16. Put Away All Laundry.

Fold and put away all clothes, towels, and sheets. Then place them in their usual cupboards or closets. I use organizing cubes to keep everything tidy.

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Groceries for Home Reset


17. Get Groceries Delivered to the House.

Sometimes this can be worth the convenience cost. And since it takes a while to reset your home, it’s nice to check this task off the list. Sit down first and make a grocery budget, a list, and plan out your meals for the week.

18. Make Bread Using Leftover Apples or Bananas.

This is a creative way to get rid of overripe fruit. Here are a few recipes to get you started. This one is from Shugary Sweets, and here’s another from All Recipes.

19. Plan Out Your Week.

Use whatever planner works for you: Online calendars, phone apps, or a paper planner. I prefer a paper planner where I can see each week laid out on one page, but use whatever makes sense for you. Planning out your week gives you a chance to understand what your goals are and keep your focus through the coming days.

20. Prep Lunches.

This saves money and time during the week. Come Monday morning, you won’t miss a beat. It’s even quicker if you pack heat-up lunches in glass containers so that you can reheat quickly.

21. Plan Out Outfits for the Week.

Again, this is a time-saving step that frees up seconds, minutes, and hours during your workweek. Think of the extra 10 minutes of sleep you’ll get by not having to choose your outfit! Plus, if you plan your clothes out in advance, they’ll probably look a lot better than if you settle for the first thing you see in your closet in the morning. I have done this so many times. Then, at about noon, I finally look in a mirror and think, hmm…guess my brain was still asleep when I picked this out. Believe me, leaving outfit choices up to the 6 am brain is not a good idea.

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Home Reset Day

22. Take Time to Breathe.

After guests visit and you’ve cleaned and organized all day, you’re probably exhausted. Introverts: before things get hectic again, make it a priority to take some time out. Read a book, pray, watch a movie, or just sit back with a cup of tea. Extroverts: talk to family or friends, work on a project, pray, and do what brings peace to your soul. (Being quite the introvert myself, I’m totally guessing on this one. I don’t know what extroverts do to chill – but whatever it is, do that.)

Even if guests haven’t visited, home resets are still nice once and a while. It’s essential to check priorities, keep up with daily tasks, and ensure your house is comfortable for you and your family. I hope this home reset leaves you inspired and confident about the coming week!

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