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The Fastest Way to Clean Your House for Guests

Clean Your House for Guests in Ten Minutes

Short on time and need the house to look fabulous? Look no further.

It happens to everyone. It’s a Friday night, you’ve been in pajamas for three hours and are eating pizza crust while sitting on the couch, and you get a text from a friend saying they’re stopping by. After answering in a breezy, relaxed tone, “Sure, come over whenever!” you look around the house, and reality sets in. The dishes in the sink stacked in a precarious pile, clothing and shoes everywhere, the trash can overflowing, and your family lost beneath the piles of stuff. How do you clean your house for guests quickly? Here’s the list:

morning, coffee, cup

1. Make Coffee.

I know, I know. You’re wondering if this is really a priority right now. Yes, because it will make the house smell nice, and people love coffee. It takes 2 minutes or less to get a pot brewing.

2. Light Candles.

Light one in the guest bathroom, one in the living area. Doing this first gives the candles the maximum amount of time to get the house smelling like apple cider, or whatever. 30 seconds.

3. Close Doors to Rooms.

We’re talking about guest rooms, bedrooms, and the office. There. Now it doesn’t matter how those rooms look. You just eliminated half your work. 30 seconds.

4. Empty Kitchen and Bathroom Trash.

These are the most important because your guests will see them. A new trash bag makes the whole room feel better. 2 minutes.

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5. Tidy the First Room Your Guests Will See.

It could be the living room, dining, or kitchen. I use the term “tidy” loosely. All this means is you sort papers into stacks, fold blankets, and throw clothing into the hamper. 1 minute.

6. Clear the Dining Table.

Take all the unnecessary stuff off of the dining table and throw it into one of the rooms with a closed door. Remember, this is totally about appearances, not actually cleaning the house. 1 minute.

7. Wipe Counters and Sweep the Kitchen Floor.

It will keep the rooms looking fresh even though you will not have time to do the dishes or clean everything. If the counters are clear and the floor is clean, it makes a huge difference. And even though everyone notices dirty dishes in their own homes, we rarely see them in other people’s spaces. 3 minutes.

If the rest of the house looks fantastic and you have a few extra minutes, the kitchen is a great place to tidy up. Here’s an excellent article on cleaning the kitchen quickly: (Sarah Aguirre,

That’s all! Ten minutes and your home will look like a beautiful hotel…okay, your home will look presentable. You’re free to enjoy the day. And remember, it’s more important to spend time with the people you love than to have a perfect house.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Great ideas, especially the candles, you never go wrong when you light a candle! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Lydia says:

    Wow, those are really great tips! I need to read over them a few times so I can remember for the next time I have a last minute guest. Thank You!

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