The Home Cleaning Routine that Saves You Time


The easy way to automate your home cleaning routine so you never have to think about it again.

Time. What’s the biggest complaint we all hear? That there’s not enough of it! But here’s the (not so big) secret: there IS enough time. I once heard a story about an extremely busy woman. She had a lot of stuff going on. She had several kids, homeschooled them, and always had many events on the calendar. Someone said to her, “You’re so organized! How do you get everything done?” Her answer? “I can’t afford to not be organized.”

She recognized that she had a limited amount of time. Using it more effectively was her only option if she wanted to accomplish everything. I find that sooo inspiring.

I’ve compiled a list (shocker, I know) of ideas to automate your home cleaning routine so it becomes easy. You don’t have to devote extra energy to it. Once you implement these routines, not only can you get more done, but you may find yourself with more free time. You’ll no longer need to devote so much energy to managing things, because they’ll be automatic. What am I even talking about? Let’s take a look:

Typical Day: I rush out the door, glancing at my messy house while simultaneously realizing I’m late for work. 9 hours later, I return home to a sink full of dishes, garbage that needs to be taken out, and frustration with the time I now have to spend on cleanup when I really want to work on my small business.

Day with Automated Cleaning Schedule: I wake up to freshly brewed coffee and put on an outfit that I already picked out. When I arrive at home, my house is already tidy. I sit down and get to work writing another blog post for my fantastic readers.

Big difference, right? Let’s jump to that list to see how to make this reality.

  • Coffee Timer. If you own a coffee pot that has a timer, life must be excellent. Congrats. Simply follow the directions, and set the clock to have the caffeine ready when you walk into your kitchen. If you don’t have a timer because your coffee pot cost $20.00 and is 5 years old, but you refuse to part with it (me, obviously) you can still make this a near automatic system. Just get the filter, coffee grounds, and water ready, and when you walk into your kitchen, hit the brew button. To make this easier, get your thermos out the night before and set it next to the coffee maker.
  • Run the Dishwasher on a Schedule. Load at night, unload in the morning or afternoon and do this at the same time each day. No dishes piling up in the sink! If you don’t have a dishwasher or it’s broken, you can get into the habit of cleaning dishes as soon as you use them, or washing them all at night, so the sink is empty in the morning.
  • Laundry Automation. One load a day. Wash and dry whenever you have a few hours at home. This might be in the morning or at night. Do the same types of loads on the same day each week – sheets on Monday, clothes on Tuesday, etc. If you have a family of two or three, you may get by with just one load every other day.
  • Invest in a Robot Vacuum. I have not done this, by the way. I’m also positive this isn’t what they’re really called, but you all know what I mean. I’m betting it keeps the house cleaner and saves you the trouble of needing to clean the floors all the time. Imagine crumb free floors – always! Wow, I sound like a commercial. They should pay me for this, seriously.
  • Take out Trash Directly After Dinner. Same time every evening. Soon, you won’t even think about it.
  • Once a Week, do the 1 Hour Clean. This seems like not enough time, right? But let’s break this down. All the laundry is already done. Dishes? Check. Trash? Check. Floors? Check. All you have to do is dust, maybe empty the vacuum filter, mop, and clean the bathrooms. Here’s a quick break-down:

Bathrooms can take about 10 minutes each. This is my usual method, so I know it works when you use Clorox wipes and aren’t too picky. Dusting can be done fast if you stay focused and use one of those handy Swiffer things. Mopping time depends on how much of your house has carpet, but it still shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Almost my entire house is wood floors, and I can do it in less than this. These tasks take about an hour total, leaving you with tons of free time with which to make money, hang out with family, or watch three episodes of Madam Secretary in a row (ahem).

We may not have all the time in the world, but things often take much less time than we think. Especially if you’re willing to exchange perfectionism for efficiency. (I’m still working on this.) Seriously though, I hope this home cleaning routine saves you time and helps you accomplish more.

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