What I’ve Learned Since Starting a Business


Dear New Entrepreneurs – Everything I Wish I Knew When I Started my Business.

Learn All You Can, but Ask for Help When You Need It.

In 2020, anyone can start a business and be successful. It’s important to push yourself to learn new things and to get all the information you can from search engines, articles, and videos. It saves money to do what you can on your own. However, your business may reach a point where you come to the end of what you know or feel comfortable doing without help. For example, you might feel confident about your website’s day-to-day running but feel lost when it comes to advertising. It’s alright not to know how to do everything, or to want help from someone else who might know how to do it better.

Keep in mind that hiring help in the early stages of your business should be thought out carefully. I got some advice recently. If you have the time to do something in your business at first, do it. It is only worth hiring when the person brings in more revenue than they take to employ.

Find Someone You Know and Trust to Help You with the Business.

While it is true that no one will care about your business as you do, you can find someone who you know will do a great job. When it comes to your business, you need employees who will tell the truth and genuinely care about your company’s welfare. Don’t hire someone random just because the prices are low. It’s not worth your peace of mind.

If you hire someone you know, ask them to teach you how to do what they do, at least the basics. That way, you’ll know how to edit blog posts or manage your social media in the future. Or at least you will understand if a potential employee knows what they’re doing or not.

Ask Other Entrepreneurs.

Most entrepreneurs love to talk business, and who knows if you might be able to help each other in the future? Maybe you have a friend who’s a graphic designer, and you write blog posts. Make a trade and help each other out. Plus, it saves money if you’re both new in the field.

Networking, love it, or hate it, is necessary. Forming relationships with others and building trust are some of the best ways to build up your company. Establish yourself as helpful, kind, and dedicated, and people will respect you and your business.

Care What People Think – but Don’t Care What People Think.

In some contexts, it matters a lot what others think. But in business, you will hold yourself back if you’re afraid to have people read your blog, check out your website, or hire you because you think you aren’t good enough. My advice is to welcome other’s ideas – not everyone, but people who know their stuff. Ask for their opinions and then be ready to adjust your business according to what works logically.

But know the difference between an opinion and a serious suggestion. Example: if a couple of people don’t like the font you use, it’s an opinion. If several trusted sources think your business plan is flawed, it probably is. Care what trusted advisors think, and your customers, but don’t let opinions hold you back from doing the best things for your business.

Start With What You Know.

This means that when you begin your company, you pick something that makes sense for you, but knowing everything is overrated. For example, I’m a decent writer, so I decided blogging would be the right niche for me, but I had no clue how to create a good website, set up my business, or use social media to help people find out about my company. Those are things that I learned along the way. You will probably start by being good at one crucial aspect of your business, but you don’t have to have all the answers. If you are talented at one or two key things, you can certainly learn the others.

Persistence is Key.

I’ve started businesses before and given up previously – several times. But what I found out with this new blogging idea is that persistence matters. When you face challenges – and you will – don’t give up, keep pushing forward. Even if you have to learn new things, find answers, and work late hours. Determine that what you’re building is worth sacrificing for, and then go to work.


Focus matters. Before you even begin your new business, you need to have a clear picture in your mind of what it will be. Not what it is today, but where you see it going in 6 months, a year, and ten years. What makes your idea succeed? What do you and your family’s lives look like because of the business? If you want anyone else to see your vision, you have to see it first, in precise detail. Think it through, then make it happen.

Make a List.

When I began Adventures and Coffee, I had a vague idea of what I wanted, but no clue how to get there. There’s a ton of resources for bloggers, but I couldn’t find someone who’s journey I could imitate. In short, I had a dream but needed to find out what to do to get from my reality to my goal. So, I created my own process.

I did it the way I do everything else – by making a list. On a Saturday, I sat down in my office for several hours and outlined what needed to happen so the business could start running, and beyond that, the tasks that needed to be done in the next four months to lay a solid foundation. I’ve gone back and edited these lists from time to time, but they are still my guides on the journey of running this website. Make a checklist with all the details of what you believe is necessary for success in your field. Licenses, legal, marketing strategy, product details – and then get started. Refer to your list as often as needed. It will help you stay on track.

Work When You Don’t Want to.

You’ll have days where work seems fun and days where you’d rather do something else. Don’t. When you want to give up because you’re tired, or no one is reading, or the product isn’t selling fast enough – keep going. Imagine what will happen if you don’t work on your business. It will fall apart, you won’t make money, and you could have regrets. Now think about what happens if you keep working. You overcome challenges. You learn new things, and eventually, you become successful. Don’t let how you feel decide. Build up your business to be what you want you’ve envisioned, when you feel like it and when you don’t. Your future self will thank you.

These are my nine best tips based on my experiences as a new entrepreneur. Above all, have a good attitude, believe in what you’re trying to create, and don’t let yourself get discouraged. You’re building something amazing that’s going to enable you to live life the way you want. It isn’t easy, and not everyone will put in the time to do something like this. But you aren’t everyone. I believe that if you’re reading this, you’re among those who will not give up. Good for you. Keep working, keep growing, keep learning, and continue visualizing your goals. Success will happen when you keep working for it.

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