Why Your Hotel Needs a Blog


All the Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs a Blog – and How Easy it is to Get Started.

 Your hotel has the website and social media. Guests are booking, but maybe your numbers aren’t what they could be. Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to market without spending a lot. Look no further than your own blog.

You may be asking if this is worth an investment of your time and energy. After all, do blogs even work? According to OptinMonster.com, businesses that take the time to blog see a 97% increase in website links (Coral Ouellette, https://optinmonster.com/blogging-statistics/ ). With more research and information available than ever before, internet marketing is the best way to get clients to notice your hospitality business.

There are a lot of arguments that stop people from blogging. Doesn’t it take a lot of time? Isn’t the set up complicated? Read on to find out what a blog can do to attract potential and returning guests to your business, plus how easy starting one can be.

Blogs Tell a Story

Get into the mind of your clients for a moment. They’re looking for fun, memorable and different. Branding your hotel as the one with a story – a point of view – can be the difference between someone choosing your location and taking their business elsewhere. Get into the details of what happens at your hotel. Do you have an ice cream social every Tuesday? Maybe the views are amazing, or you just renovated. Blog about it! Show pictures. Let your customers know what they’ll be getting when they book with you. Stfalcon.com found that 90% of guests want a more personalized travel experience. (Oleksandra Chuba, https://stfalcon.com/en/blog/post/travel-industry-trends%20-in-2019) Blogs can give an inside look at the day to day of the hotel, and consumers want this more than ever.

Blogs Keep You in Contact With Previous Guests

When a guest stays at your location, you want it to be unforgettable. But face it, life goes on, and people don’t always remember much about the places they visited a year ago, no matter how great. When your hotel has a blog, it’s easier than ever for guests to find information, and then keep coming back to the site for updates. Invite guests to follow the blog when they leave, and the chances of them considering you for next year’s travel plans can go up. In fact, cmo.adobe.com states that a returning customer will spend 67% more than a brand-new client once they develop a relationship with a company and continue to work with them. (Giselle Abramovich, https://cmo.adobe.com/articles/2017/3/loyalty-mind-blowing-stats-tlp.html#gs.8ffwu9)  And if the client is still shopping, the more information they find, the better. Today’s buyers love to make decisions based on research.

Blogs Define Your Brand

Your hotel’s brand is really about the ideas and look that people associate with it. Use your blog to define it. Think colors, themes, and the things that are special about your hotel. Are you budget friendly? Pet friendly? Is your location the best in the city? This all becomes part of your brand. Make it clear through the blog what your business does well, and guests will think of your hotel not just when they need somewhere to stay, but as a destination in and of itself.

What if You Don’t Have Time?

All this is nice, but how do you do it, and won’t it take up time that most business owners don’t have enough of already? Not necessarily. There are a ton of options for bloggers out there, and if you already have a website, there’s likely an easy way to add a blog to your existing web pages. It will take a bit of time, but not a lot! If you set aside one afternoon, you can have a blog that’s ready to go. When I started blogging I researched a ton through videos and websites, and got all my questions answered that way. I use WordPress for my blog, and it works really well. They have a lot of options, and you can get started here: https://wordpress.com/

What if you don’t know how to blog? There are many free courses and websites to check out that will help you do just that! And blogging doesn’t have to be an everyday thing. You could post weekly, or even twice a month. If you still aren’t sure about writing your own blog, I’d love to help! Contact me to discuss ideas about digital marketing for your hospitality business.

 Competition with hotels is tough. But the best way to get ahead of the curve is to set yourself apart from the crowd, give more information and be more visible. Blogging is a popular and easy way to do this that your guests will love. It’s a great way to market cheaply, make more profit and create something original for your hotel.

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